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    Where does Flash CS4 get the font name from?


      I am trying to know where Flash CS4 gets its font name from.


      To give more context; I have an .otf font file for ZineSlabDisOT, and the font name for this font is different on different Flash versions; as shown below to be precise:

      MAC Flash CS3 : ZineSlabDis OT
      PC Flash CS3 : ZineSlabDisOT
      MAC Flash CS4 : Zine Slab Display OT
      PC Flash CS4 : Zine Slab Display OT


      After investigating this .otf file in a font editor, I found out that the CS3 MAC-PC name discrepency is due to the fact that PC Flash CS3 uses the "Family Name" of the font and MAC Flash CS3 uses the "Full Name"(each .otf font comes with five different names).


      I am running into similar font issues with Flash CS4. This time I am stumped because I am unable to find out where Flash CS4 gets its font name from; CS4 displays a name -- for ex: Zine Slab Display OT -- that doesn't show up any where in the font file.


      Thank you so very much for your time, consideration and insights.