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    Sending user info from a Catalyst form to email

    Greg Denish

      I have created a questionnaire in FC and want to send the user's answers to a single person via email. Everyone in my office uses MS Outlook as their default email service. So I created a Submit button with a mailto: action so that an outlook window opens with the person's email already there. I even have the subject line populated. What I need help with is taking the info from the questionnaire and putting it into the body of the email.


      Since this will be an interal questionnaire and eveyone has Outlook, I figured I could bypass the server side code and do it this way.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          The proper form for a mailto link is:


          mailto:bob@bob.com,me@me.com?subject=MySubject&body=Some content here


          (Just copy-paste that in your browser to see what it does)


          In order to get this properly working, you would need to add some Action Script in Builder that would extract the data from your form elements and properly generate the message content. You should note that the mailto link is not always best practice, and you may just want to send the email via a server side script. You can google "send email using actionscript and php" to get some relevant tutorials on that.



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            Greg Denish Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.


            I had something very similar to what you wrote, but your way was cleaner. Thanks for that.


            What would I need to put after "&body=" to pull the info from the text input boxes? Is that where the action script would go?


            Thanks again.