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    weird data paging issue


      I just upgraded to flash builder 4 from the beta version. I imported my project
      and now my datagrid is acting funny. I have data paging enabled. The one thing I
      tweaked was on this part:


      Instead of setting the "Count operation" to "count()", I've set it to "None". I
      have a large amount of data and setting it to "None" makes the thumb larger so
      that users can use it. It also disables the ability to "jump" pages (which uses
      a lot of memory if you have a datagrid).


      Everything worked fine in the beta version of flash builder but in the non-beta
      version I came across a problem: I can initially page (with my mouse wheel) a
      few times and then it just stops for no reason. I try to keep scrolling w/ the
      mouse wheel and nothing. However, if I click on a row, then it will get another
      page. I have to continue to click on the rows in order to get another page.
      Annoying, to say the least.


      Anyone notice this? I didn't change anything so figured it must be the updated
      version. (You can see for yourself w/ your own project...just change the Count
      operation to "none" and then try to page through the datagrid).....any