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    software simulations


      What you would suggest as a general resolution in capturing software simulations in Captivate to then edit with jpegs and other image files in Premiere for a final output that can be viewed on the largest number of screens in the US, China and India? 

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          For background, doesn't Captivate capture in FLV?


          Most tutorial producers seem to prefer Camtasia for the production of material, that will be combined with video and other Assets in PrPro. This ARTICLE will give you some tips, should you go that route. Be sure to read Jeff Bellune's replies and follow the links that he provides.


          Personally, I try to stay "in the family," but when Adobe turns its back on it's flagship NLE, PrPro, and does not support editing Captivate output in it, I worry, and have to look elsewhere. Yes, Adobe now owns Macromedia Flash, but for other than Web-based delivery, options should exist.


          In CS4.2, one can edit FLV, but it is not the ideal editing format - just a delivery format.


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