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    How to embed the Piecemaker gallery?



      I don't have any experience in using Flash, but I just found a brilliant Flash freebie on Modularweb called The Piecemaker. I want to include it in my website but I don't have any idea how. I read the documentation and I'm still confused and I still don't understand the instructions.


      Here's the instructions:


      1.  Copy the packages „com“ and „caurina“ from the folder to your classes directory. It works without that,
      but only if you always move these packages along with the FLA fle. If you‘re not familiar with working with
      classes, check the tutorial at Adobe Livedocs
      2.  Open the fle „piecemaker.fa“ and try to publish it to check, if the classes are referenced correctly.
      3.  The actual gallery is nothing more than the empty MovieClip on the „gallery“ layer. It has the base class
      „com.modularweb.imageGalleries.Piecemaker“, which holds all the code. To copy the gallery into your own
      project, you just need to copy this MovieClip as well as all the elements from the library to your project.
      4.  Three basic properties of the gallery are assigned on the „actions“ layer. The code from this layer has to be
      copied to your project, too. These properties are xmlSource, cssSource and imageSource, which
      hold the paths to the XML fle, the CSS fle and the folder containing the images to be loaded. Please note
      that if you embed the gallery to your project, these paths need to be relative to the location of your project.


      In the folder of the Piecemaker the I downloaded it contains:


      1) caurina

      2) com

      3) documentation

      4) images

      5) index

      6) piecemaker.fla

      7) piecemaker

      8) piecemakerCSS

      9) piecemakerXML


      So what do I need in order to make this work in my website?