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    TextFlow <s:format /> problem!

    bornaeon Level 1

      Hi folks,

      Is there any changes about Format tag in TextFlow in Final version of Flash Builer 4?!

      In Flash Builder 4 Beta 2, I had something like this:

                import flashx.textLayout.conversion.TextConverter;
                internal var str:String;
                public function FillRET():void{
                     str = "<TextFlow xmlns='http://ns.adobe.com/textLayout/2008'>"+
                           "<format id='Title' fontFamily='tahoma' color='#ff0000' />"+
                           "<div><span format='Title'>some text here...</span></div>"+
                     RET.textFlow= TextConverter.importToFlow(str, TextConverter.TEXT_LAYOUT_FORMAT);
      <s:RichEditableText editable="false" id="RET" />

      everything was fine, and I had my text with specific format; but when I'm using this code in Flash Builder 4 peremuim, I have nothing in run time and if I set it manualy, just like this:

                     <s:format id='test' />
                     <s:span format='test'>some text here...</s:span>

      I have this error:

      Could not resolve <s:format> to a component implementation.

      Am I doing something wrong?!