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    Media Cache Folder taking up 80GB disk space


      Hi everyone,


      I recently bought a Sony VAIO S with Adobe Premiere Elements 8 preinstalled, and ripped my CD collection into iTunes. I opened Premiere Elements and created a project to see what sort of features were included, but didn't import any media or capture any video.


      I (even more) recently found that my disk space had dropped by roughly 80 GB, seemingly due to the Adobe Media Cache folder. It would seem that Premiere has been running some sort of background service (my suspicions are on ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe, a program that reappeared briefly after I 'cleaned' the cache folder) that has imported my AAC iTunes music collection into the Media section in Premiere, and in the process uncompressed all 7 GB of my 256KB/s AAC music into 80GB of 16bit/48KHz PCM, copied to the Adobe Media Cache Folder in C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache\Media Cache Files


      My questions are:

      - Can I delete the Media Cache Folder without causing problems with Premiere?

      - Can I prevent Premiere from adding all my media automatically (and uncompressing it in the process)? I don't mind not having all my music in the 'Media' sidebar of Premiere, I can just import the music I need.


      Specs (if they help): Sony VAIO S, Intel i3 330M, GMA HD, 4GB RAM, Win 7 HP 64 bit. Premiere Elements 8.0.1. I also have PSE installed.


      Thanks in advance,