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    Media Encoder CS5????

    chschett Level 1

      Well, I tried to export a Movie from Premiere Pro CS4 and got an error message that I haven't activate one of my CS5 product.I didn't know that I'm a lucky CS5 user


      Does Catalyst install a "Media Encoder CS5"?

      If yes, how can I use it with my CS4 products?




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          chschett Level 1

          The first question I can answer myself. Yes, Flash Catalyst installs the Media Encoder CS5. After removing FC from my PC I could export my movie from Premiere Pro CS4 with Media Encoder CS4!!

          The second question is still important for me because in the moment it looks like I could not buy FC after release as a stand-alone programm and use it with my CS4 products because it is optimized for CS5 - am I wrong?