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    Download Problems with Adobe CS4 Files


      Hi, 5 times I tried to download the biggest CS4 File which has 4,8 GB, but altought I closed my firewall and antivirus, it only get to 4,3 GB which means 5 times the download was incomplete. I´m working with windows7 and I need the files... but all the support notes didn´t help. I gave Firefox more cache, download the latest Java file but nothing helps. It seems to be a problem of the Download Manager, because when I start only opens a form with informs about what to do having problems with the download manager. I really get crazy with this ****. Every download lasts round about 14 hours!!! and at the end nothing... I payed a lot of money and I cant be true that it is so difficult to organize a download!!!

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          I am having the same issues,  I was told internet explorer 8 isnt' compatitlble so I down load the suggested Fire Fox, I get even less from this, the Akamai won't load, Akamai says they only send support to the business' supplying the product, ie..  Adobe, so I am now on hold once again with Adobe


          seriously, I had to problem downloading the Light room from a disc they sent but  this is a down load for photoshop CS4 straight from their website.


          I want my product that I paid for, this is freakin stupid in this day and age that this cant' be easier.