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    Stopping and Closing SWF Movie




      How do I stop a Flash SWF movie when the playhead is at the end and then have the new window that presents the movie close automatically. However, the most important feature would be to stop the movie to keep it from continuously looping.


      Thanks very much!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If it is a timeline based movie, the easiest way to stop the movie at the end is to place a

          stop(); command in the last frame of it.


          As far as any other controls on it from the parent file go, how is the swf added in and what version of actionscript are you using to do it?

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            dwcs4novice Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            Thanks, I added the Stop() in the last frame and it worked perfectly, no more looping. I am trying to use ActionScript3. The swf file is opened within a new window created by Javascript using an onclick of an img then a window.open function. I am a novice at Javascript and Flash, a little more experience with Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS. I was hoping to put an ActionScript3 function in the last frame that closes the window, or do I need a button that the user clicks to close the window, or do I need to do this with Javascript?