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    EventfulTestCase in FlexUnit 4?

    RuprictG Level 1

      Has EventfulTestCase been deprecated/removed?  I can't find it in the source or latest download, but it's in the version of the SWC that I have.






      P.S.  I moved this from the FlexUnit location to General Discussions.  I still don't know how I posted this in the FlexUnit location....

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          mlabriola Level 4

          The FlexUnit EventfulTestCase wasn't actually in the .9 version of FlexUnit, it was added later and never part of an actual release from what I can see in the logs.


          When we built FlexUnit4, we simply took the latest release version of FlexUnit, which was .9 and hence didn't have this class.


          If you just grab a version of the original FlexUnit SWC which had EventfulTestCase and place it in the library path of your project, you will be able to use this class and the FlexUnit 4 code won't have an issue with it. It simply defers all responsibility for FU.9/1 content to its own runner.



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            RuprictG Level 1



            Are there any plans to include it in FlexUnit 4?



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              mlabriola Level 4



              Choosing to include the newer FlexUnit 1 swc is actually Adobe's call. If you look in Flash Builder, you will see they actually link that on our their own. We just link against the version for definitions.


              If you mean the functionality of the EventfulTestCase, then I am open to discussing. We were assuming that mocks would cover the needed functionality. If they don't, or do not do it as elegantly as they could, then I am happy to discuss a different approach.


              Let me know your thoughts,