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    Sound All Pink Noise Again

    fincaman2 Level 1

      Hello All, I have posted again on this subject because I feel it is important ,please look at my previous post on the same subject. At the end of my last post it appeared that my problem had gone (sound was all pink noise at full volume from  my JVC GY-HM100 ) I received updates for PP CS4 from Adobe

      and the problem was back with avengence in fact all previously good projects were now useless. I trawled the Internet for an answer and found others with the same problem .I found that the MP4 files have to be trans coded ( I used MP4toMPGv3.exe) to MP2 before being imported into CS4 this is not ideal but completely cures the problem . All I need now is for the "powers that be" to listen and come up with a solution as in my opinion there is definitely a bug/conflict between the JVC's Mp4 files and PP CS4.