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    Interactions in HUD


      Did adobe remove interactions from the HUD in beta 2?

      If so why?

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          Gregg H

          I'm with you on this quesiton.  I have followed the video tutorial step by step and the option is not available.  He's doing nothing different than I...are we missing something?



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            Gregg H Level 1

            Found something that might help...


            "they have moved to a new Interactions panel on the right-hand side, just  above Properties.  If you're not seeing this panel, try clicking Window  > Reset Workspace (if that fixes it, then I think it means the beta 1  uninstaller didn't clean up some files that it should have)."


            Hope this helps!!!

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              ZubZer0Her0 Level 1

              I know that there are a Interactions panel, i just wondered why they removed it from the HUD... cuz i think it's faster to have it in the HUD..

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                Gregg H Level 1

                I see...good point.  Why create a HUD and not utilize it

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                  acath Level 4

                  We moved the interactions UI to its own panel for a few related reasons:



                  •   We received a huge amount of feedback that the HUD was too big, got in the way, and was confusing. So we wanted to simplify it.


                  •   Sometimes you create a lot of interactions on an object. In that case, the HUD got really huge and cumbersome.


                  •   Generally speaking, the purpose of the HUD is to uplevel the most important commands during complex, multi-step workflows (e.g. creating a component and assigning parts). Creating interactions is not really a multi-step process, so there was no reason for it to be in the HUD.



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                    ZubZer0Her0 Level 1

                    Ok, but i think it would be best if:


                         1. Made it possible to move panels so you have them where you want them.


                         2. And made it so you can turn on interactions(and other stuff) that you want in the HUD, so that it's available but you have to turn it on yourself.