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    Cannot find vids:mjpg decompressor


      Haiving imported a video from an Olympus 770 SW camera I have a .avi file


      When I try to import this into After Effects CS4 I get an error message saying it cannot find the vids:mjpg decompressor


      The odd thing is my son did the same thing with the same camera a few days ago and it worked


      Any ideas how to fix this?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Reinstall the camera's driver software. This refers to an CoDec and since there is no standard MotionJPEG CoDec in Windows, it must have come from your cam software or possible a third-party CoDec pack.



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            Lateralleap Level 1

            Many thanks for your response


            However there is no camera software that I am aware of.  You simply connect the USB cable to the camera and copy the images to the PC.  I can then double click on them in WIndows Explorer and they play fine but not in AE


            However since posting this my son has found that if he does create movie in AE (something to do with creating a proxy?) it then plays OK


            DOes this help explain what is going on?