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    Error! BSOD

      Hi All!

      I was trying the macromedia fireworks, and each time i run the program after +/- 5 min, my pc restarts and gives me bsod " adidts.sys 0x0000000008E"

      Pc Specefications:

      Motherboard: Asus M2n-e Sli
      Processor: Amd X2 +4600
      Graphics: Ati Radeon X1950 GT
      Audio: OnBoard ( SoundMax HD)
      OS: Windows Xp Sp2
      DirectX: 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

      Graphics drivers are updated, motherboard bios is updated, audio cant find the updates web :S ...

      Please Respond
      Joao Costa

      Note: Sorry Double Posted... if anyone can tell me how to delete one of the posts, is apreciated... :)