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    Problem with AVCHD Video from CS4 Timeline using Win 7 64 bit


      Does anyone have some definitive advice / experience on setting up a Win 7 64 bit machine to run properly with Premiere CS4?


      Over the last week I have tried every combination possible of trying to get AVCHD files to work from CS4 timeline correctly.

      Bascially the playback from timeline in program monitor is really jerky - even on Automatic quality.

      If I enlarge the monitor to full frame it looks like 5 to 10 fps !


      I have just completed my thiird fresh install of Win 7 and been ultra careful on what was installed. - Still no improvement.

      I'm running CS4 4_2_1 update.

      My graphics card is an ATI Radeon 5750 - 1GB. Can anyone confirm they have successfully deployed this card with Win 7 64 Bit and Premiere CS4. I'm beginning to suspect this is the issue.

      I have tried every driver under the sun. Drivers/SW  with the card was Catalyst 9_1 , I've tried 10_2 and 10_3 with no improvement.


      In desperation - I setup dual boot on my old Win XP 32 machine (with CS3) and loaded CS4 as a trial running on XP32.

      Well - guess what - AVCHD ran almost perfect on that (Intel Core 2 Duo). Program monitor could handle highest quality (even at max size) with only very slight hestitation at times - but very useable.

      So - I have now outlayed a considerable amount of money for the Intel i7 930 machine, 6G DR3 RAM - but it is worse than my old machine.

      I am sick.


      I've tried tuning some of the Win 7 appls on start up - but the Black Viper site that Harm Millard pointed me to is a help - but what I am looking for is a definitive list of processes that should be disabled.

      Does anyone have such a document?


      Finally - I also tried transcoding the AVCHD files with the Main Concept utility Panasonic supply. I transcoded to DVC ProHD which according to the literature are easier to edit on the timeline. This made no difference in outcome whatsoever. Still jerky playback


      Anyway - if anyone can advise on the ATI Radeon 5750 - and if they have similar problems let me know.


      I'm just off to therapy class to ease my stress