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    Adobe 9 Installer??


      I am trying to upload Microsoft Home and Student Office 2007 onto my computer which runs on Windows XP, but

      everytime I try the following message appears:  'Error 1311. Source file not found C:\Documents and Settings\new\Desktop\Adobe Reader 9 Installer\SKU011.CAB. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.' 


      I had Adobe Reader 9, then uninstalled it as I thought this was the problem then I tried to re-install it but it doesnt work but what I would like to know initially (as I cannot find the information anywhere) is where do you download the Adobe Reader Installer from? or does it come when you download the Adobe Reader 9 on its own?


      Any help would be very greatfully received as I cannot get past this hurdle.


      Thankyou in advance