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    Basic Question..cou

    Joushouma Hickman

      Hello all, I've recently been intrigued again to get back into web-designing after a couple years break. I picked up a CS4 suite and I'm working with Fireworks right now. It seems I have a problem, when previewing my site I get it to "center" in the browser. I have googled many solutions to this problem but all haven't been suffice, many seem to just say add some sort of CSS code, but I don't even remember if its possible to code edit in Fireworks? So in short I'm asking is there a way to get the page to automatically center on the preview page? Or do i have to wait until further stages of editing such as dreamweaver? Thanks


           Oh and PS: I went to file>html setup> and page alignment "center" but it doesn't seem to change anything..