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    zooming video buttons


      I've created a menu in Encore, edited it in AE and I still can't figure out how to do what I'm wanting to do (what seems to me would be a simple task) with the menu buttons.  I have the (video preview) buttons zooming in from nothing to full size in about 1.5 seconds; at that point (the loop point) I want the video preview to begin (inside the button) and continue to the end of the menu's duration - about 30seconds.  I can't figure out how to (or know if it's even possible to) delay the start of the video element of the button until after the zoom in.  I tried rendering the comp out of AE to m2v but, I guess I don't understand how to translate that comp/vid to a working menu in En (CS3).  Is it even possible?  The buttons need to "come to life" right after they zoom in -- that's how I see them in my head, anyway.  Do buttons created and animated in AE need to remain single pic, static or can you animate a video button to begin that way too.  I can get the button to zoom in AND become active if it remains a "snapshot" type picture; I know how to link a video button to a timeline;  what I'm having trouble with is, as best as I can describe it, delaying the activation of the button video preview until the buttons zoom in from 0 -or- nothing.  any ideas?  -- pt

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          Then don't use video thumbnails?! I mean, since you are creating the menu in AE anyway, why bother. It matters nothing at all whether you render the whole menu in AE or let Encore render it. Video buttons are just an illusion either way and for that to work as expected, splitting up into a zoom sequence and the actual menu will be required, no matter what. It's an inherent limitation in the DVD (Video) specs and Encore not offering control over some features. Just render the clips from AE and assign them as backgrounds in the Motion tab for the menu in Encore, then add your subpicture PSD on top of it with the thumbnail placeholders removed/hidden/deactivated inside the button group.