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    NativeDragManager - returning path of file dropped on desktop


      the title kind of explains it.  the feature im creating only needs the NativeDragManager to put a temporary file on the desktop.  after that, a file object will read its data from a socket and then parse that data to the temporary file.


      my problem is that the NativeDragManager COMPLETE event does not return the path in which the file was placed, it only pastes a new file on the desktop.


      the normal way of doing what im trying to do would be to complete the file object before dragging onto the desktop, however that approach conflicts with this features purpose.



      is that anyway the NativeDragManager or even Clipboard can return this information?


      thank you



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          Marcidus Level 1

          after some searching, i dont think its possible, unlessadobe implements it in air two.


          however i may have found a work around.


          using the new URLFilePromise class currently in beta, it might be possible to download the file via socket bytes normally to a temp directory, then use the URLStream to supply the promise.


          however this means that the socket will be downloading from a server, and then the URLStream will be downloading from the local drive, and THAT file will be incomplete until the socket has finished, so there may be some trouble with event listeners.  it seems more of a hack however, and i would like to see more power behind the NativeDragManager package.