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    How to keep files from disappearing when using Dynamic link to AE from PremProCS4?

    KateMorgan Level 1

      I am at my wits end here and hope someone can offer a solution.  I use Dynamic Link in PremProCS4 to link a clip in my timeline to AfterEffects.  I follow the instructions in my book and everytime I close my files and reopen..I loose the clip along with the effects...I get the place card instead.  Here are the steps I do as per the Adobe Classroom in a Book Explains:


      I double click on my .MTS file in the Project Board so it comes up on my Source Screen.

      I take select the part of the clip I wish to use in my timeline and drag it to the appropriate spot on a video layer.

      I then right click the "clip" and select "Replace With After Effects Comp"

      I then name the new file.  name or whatever.aep

      It opens in AE

      I then apply two simple effects... keying and a cartooning effect I use from NewBlue Cartooner.

      As instructed I then go directly back to PremPro and do a "render" by pressing the Enter Key.  This does not work since I only get a yellow bar above the clip instead of a red on???

      So then I save the PremPro project and close it then go to the AE project, save and close it.

      When I reopen PremPro the file has a place card in it and in AE it says I am missing a file.


      I have tried many different ways to do this process including re-importing the .MTS file.


      I can close PremPro and reopen it and all is the same as long as I don't close the AfterEffects project.  Once AE is closed it looses the file.  On a note here I keep all my computer source files in the same place and it never changes plus they are in my PPro Project as well.  I never change the names so this isn't this reason.


      Is there a tried and true method to select a piece of clip in the video layer in Prem Pro and add effects from AE and not have it misplace the files?


      Thanks  Kate