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    help me figure out where to start learning flex/flash/air/etc.

    Lawrence Linn Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm hoping a few generous souls can help figure out where to start learning to use Adobe programming / application tools. I've read through a lot of the info on Flash, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flex, Flex Builder, Actionscript and Air – and frankly my head is spinning.


      Let me give you some context of what I know, and where I'm trying to get to.


      What I know


      1. CS4 - Dreamweaver / Photoshop / Illustrator / Fireworks
      2. Raw html, and some css
      3. Various macro languages over the years (excel - macro level meta-procedural stuff)
      4. Basic database experience (mysql, database design)
      5. Training in procedural languages like Pascal about 100 years ago (ok maybe 20)


      Where I want to go


      1. Develop online trivia application
      2. Multiple, simultaneous users
      3. Polished interface (look and feel wise) - 'flashy' if you will
      4. Database connections on back end to serve questions and manage users


      At a very basic level it would be similar to those trivia systems you see in bars, like this: http://www.buzztime.com/games.html , but with an educational focus / spin to it.


      When I want to get there


      I realize this isn't going to happen overnight. I'm hoping if I spend 20 hours a week or so I can put something basic together by the end of the summer. This is as much about learning the tools for me as building the app.


      How I need help


      I plan to get a Lynda.com subscription to help me learn the tools. The basic problem is I don't know which tools to learn, in what progression, to accomplish my goals. If I'm never going to use Actionscript or Air I'd rather not learn them. So what I need is 2 pieces of advice


      1. For the app I described, what tool(s) would you build it in?

      2. What is a good learning path for those tools?


      Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer, I really appreciate your help!