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    Executing PHP using DW CS4

    tonybabb Level 1

      I'm trying to implement some simple questions on my web site. I understand I need PHP to do this so I'm learning PHP. I have created a test page with some simple PHP statements copied directly from a textbook and nothing seems to be happening. The statements are shown below


      <p align="left"> </p>
      print "hello world";
      <p align="left">Help us plan. If you're coming to the Airshow please answer below.</p>.......etc


      When I upload and open the page it only shows other stuff from lower down the page and nothing from the PHP, I get the same result when I use Liveview in DW CS4. The page is here www.hollisterairshow.com/test.html


      I must be missing something blindingly obvious.....




      Tony Babb