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    IFilePromise confusion


      i was reading this: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/flex/articles/using_file_promises.html


      this got me pretty excited, because it maye hopefully solve a few of my problems.


      im basically trying to build an ftp client, and its all going rather well tbh,  i have successful ftp uploads, and successful ftp downloads.  but i want to make this ftp client the dark horse thats gonna make ftp server managing easy enough to use so even the non-pc-literate can use it, cos lets face it, ftp isnt exactly user friendly, it might be easy to us, but not to everyone.


      so anyway, one of the key features of this client is drag and drop obviously, so i read about this new interface, and i downloaded the beta sdk and took a look at the URLFilePromise case to see an example of how i could do it. and it looks easy enough to understand, so i wanted to understand the IDataInput interface, and to do that i needed to check out the URLStream.


      so after a little decompiling i found this:


      package flash.net
          import flash.events.*;
          import flash.utils.*;


          public class URLStream extends EventDispatcher implements IDataInput


              public function URLStream()
              }// end function


              public function load(request:URLRequest) : void;


              public function readBytes(bytes:ByteArray, offset:uint = 0, length:uint = 0) : void;


              public function readBoolean() : Boolean;


              public function readByte() : int;


              public function readUnsignedByte() : uint;


                etc etc etc......


      useless!!!, this is just another interface to a native implementation!!!!!! how am i surpose to modify it when this class isnt even writen in actionscript???



      if im wrong (and i really hope i am)  please tell me how i can find the actionscript source code for this class, or atleast give me some pointers on what data types the IFilePromise needs from this interface to work.


      thank you



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          Marcidus Level 1

          self correction:


          i hadnt noticed that the Socket class implements IDataInput, so im sorry about complaining about it.


          but i've run into another problem: whilst testing out the URLFilePromise before implementing my own filepromise class, the compiler couldnt find the IFilePromise interface.


          im running air 2 beta runtime and the air 2 beta 2 sdk with flex 3.2 (because it doesnt seem to work with flex 4 atm).