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    Capture problem with trial SW (CS4 Premiere Pro / Canon DM-MV1E,OPTURA in USA)




      I have used this camera earlier with older premiere 6.5 with Canopus DVRaptor-RT firewire. Those files I can not use with CS4 Premiere because Canopus is using their own codec?

      Now I try with CS4 Premiere Pro with motherboard firewire (Asus P5AD2-E Premium).

      Timeline is running in capture window during capture but there is no video and no audio (and no file....). During capture "Capture duration" is 0. When I stop capture there is text "Recorder captures no frames".

      Device control works ok (atleast Rew, Play, Stop, FF).


      Yes I know my camera is old...... Is it so that this camera don't work anymore with this SW?