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    H.D. output to tape stopsPre Pro CS4 V 4.2.


      Hello, I have a problem with export to tape to in  H.D.V( PAL)The problem is when exporting a clip which

      includes a pan shot the export stops and misses a few frames then continues.Up till now I have

      been editing in dvd 4x3dv but a customer requires H.D.V, the above operation works in

      Sony Vegas v7.0 supplied with the camera Sony V1E without fault.

      The computer is M/B= Asus P5Q Pro, Intel 2 quad 4 core 6600, 4GB Memory,

      Vista Home Premium sp1 v6001, ATI Raedeon 4800 driver 7.01, Premiere

      Pro v 4.2, C C.drive 240 gig, Fdrive video storage 1 gig ( 801free) (sata)

      The p.c is not connected to internet at any time .