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    Exporting Quicktime .mov with audio


      I searched for a solution to my problem for a while and haven't found any so I felt I'd finally ask.


      I am exporting a movie in Premiere Pro 2.0 as a .mov.  Yet everytime I export the audio quality is awful. The audio plays fine within premiere, and the video exports perfectly.  I've tried uncompressed audio, and the result is a loud static sound.  I've tried multiple compressors (oblivious to which I should be using) none of which offered good results (sometimes it was even silent).  What settings should I be using?  (By the way, the audio in the scene is .mp3 and .wav, but I felt using the uncompressed setting would be find since I wouldn't be recompressing the audio)








      I'm sure this is a very basic issue that has been addressed multiple times, but I couldn't find a thread or resource on the internet that helped with this issue I'm having. Thank you for any help you can offer, I appreciate it.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I use the same settings, as you, with one exception - instead of 8-bit, choose 16-bit for the Sample Depth.


          I also dislike using MP3 as a source. With the exception of tiny SFX files, I always convert these to PCM/WAV (Uncompressed) 48KHz 16-bit, before Import. That does NOT restore all the data lost with the MP3 compression (I hate the sound with MP3, but that's a different topic), but it gives me the best source to edit. I use Adobe Audition, but the free Audacity does a great job of this.


          Hope that the 16-bit does the trick for you.


          Good luck,




          BTW - what are you using to play the resulting MOV?

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            Michael5188 Level 1

            Thank you very much Bill, that did it.  I'm surprised at the difference it made.


            (I'm using Quicktime Pro to play the video)


            Thanks again.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Glad that handled the situation, and thank you for reporting.


              I also use QT Pro 7.5.5, but the reason that I asked is that many users have recently had issues with the current 7.6.x series of QT Player. Since the Bit-depth helped, and you are not having other issues with PrPro, the version is probably moot.


              Good luck,