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    Topics missing from link view and topic references

      I am using RoboHelp X5 and have come across situations where I have a URL, and all of the topics that link to it do not display in link view, in the Show Topics References option, or in the External Topics report. I want to know if there is an easy way to correct this so I can see every topic that links to a particular URL.

      For example, I have a link to www.adobe.com that is referenced in the TOC and 5 different RoboHelp topics. After I initially set up all the links, all 5 topics show in link view from www.adobe.com. In topic references, the TOC also appears. Then a few days or weeks later, I try to view the links again, and some or all of them no longer appear. If I display the link in link view or right click and select Topic References, it may only show me the reference to the TOC. If I remove it from the TOC, it no longer appears as a URL at all. But it is still actually used in 5 topics. Also, if I know it is linked from topic A, I could go in and edit topic A and save. Then www.adobe.com will show up as a link in the URL list again, and topic A will appear again in link view/references. But I don't necessary know all of the topics that link to it, and if I am trying to remove it from the entire project, or change the URL, that becomes a problem.

      I hope this makes sense and if anyone can help, I would appreciate it!