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    ACR not Invoked by Control-H in Elements Organizer


      I run Elements 7 (32 bit) and CS4 (64 bit) under Windows 7(64 bit Home Premium).


      As a long time user of Elements, I want to continue to use the Elements 7 Organizer to manage my 10,000 Nikon raw mode (,NEF) images and use CS4 to edit them. I have manually installed Camera Raw 5.6 in all three places per the instructions in the 5.6 Read Me note. I see 5.6 when I start both the Elements 7 Editor and the CS4 Editor. There is only one Camera Raw entry in the CS4 Plug In List.


      My problem is this -- when I type Control-H in the Elements Organizer, I want the CS4 editor to appear and to startin CAmera Raw. The actual event is that the CS4 Editor starts immediately WITHOUT going through the Camera Raw module. I can find no method of invoking Camera Raw for the image from within the CS4 Editor.


      Is there a solution to this problem?