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    Possible to map/export 4channels of Audio?

    sync2rhythm Level 1

      Does anyone know of a way to export a Video File w/4Channels of  Audio?
      (or a way to create the following)

      We need to deliver a Broadcast File (Quicktime) that has:
      Video Track
      Audio 1 = Left
      Audio 2 = Right
      Audio 3 = Music
      Audio 4 = Audio FX

      All Media is already separated on the tracks and the audio mix is the  way we want.

      To what format? Settings? Workflow?
      Apparently, this is really easy to do in FCP... so I can only imagine that I am overlooking something in PP CS4.

      Maybe the simplest way is to just Export from Vegas/Import to FCP/Export  to QT?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          One can Export as discrete Audio channels, with WMA, but I assume that you are looking for a muxed file, containing both the Audio & Video.


          I use WMA from my DD 5.1 SS Projects, to take into Audition, and re-mix for use in a DTS stream, as supplemental Audio stream on a DVD-Video, but that is different. I also Export my Video and my Audio as elemental/elementary streams, so the files are not muxed.


          There was a very similar post recently, and that OP needed to Export to tape. Do you also need to Export to tape?


          Good luck