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    New to flex, looking for some general assistance on structuring my site


      ok, I used to be a coldfusion programmer but have been away from programming a few years.  I'm now interested in learning flex so am brand new, and am planning on building my next site with some of its features, but am having a hard time determinging how to structure my site.


      I've looked at many sites that run flex, and many of the seem to be HTML sites with the flex modules embedded.  However, I cannot find much documentation for how this should be correctly done.  It seems as if everything I'm learning is to create a flex app and that is for the most part the only thing embedded in the html file.  But the sites I'm looking at seem to have tons of html content with felx embedded.  Am I making sense?


      Well,the reason I'm asking is because ideally I'd like to create a coldfusion site that spits out html as well as several Flex modules that communicate with each other.  Is this possible?

      One reason I want to do this is, for instance, that I'd like to embed ads on my site, and have people click through.  If its a purely flex site, wouldn't they be stuck seeing the same add the whole time? I noticed the web site grooveshark.com somehow embeds adds into their flex app that reload every few seconds, but I cannot seem to find any documentation that would show me how to do this.


      Any general advice?  Can I have an html/coldfusion front end that embeds flex?  Is this bad practice?


      Can flex modules communicate with each other on this setup? (I think I read that they can)


      If these previous options are no good, are there any good modules/components that would allow me to load ads from a network?



      Thank You...