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    FW  "An Internal Error Has Occured"


      Talk about frustrating!!!  Adobe Support? What is that?


      I am a newbie, that doesn't mean bend me over?  I have been working on not only learning the Adobe Web Premium software "which is a totally different conversation" but WTF. Back in October I started this new website I am rather passionate about, down loaded Trail Versions from the web. Yea, I know I have alot of programs out there I could have chosen but I wanted the BEST, well that was my thought anyhow. After starting completely backwards I finally got on track to start using the software as it was designed. No thanks to Adobe I found my way through many different articles and blogs and videos. You would think that if they are willing to sell you something for $2,000 they would at least give you direction on how to use this software. Yes I was amazed there was nothing too. Never the less I muddled through it and got beyond the BS. Got through AI with little to no problems then came Fireworks.


      Since, November I have watched all the lessons on how to use it and not once did the the issues that came up ever, and I mean was never  discussed. I got up to maybe 20 pages. I counldn't tell you the exact number because the file won't open. Of course restarted the web design a few times when I found tips on how to make things better. Never the less I WAS IN LOVE, I told everyone I knew that this was the sweetest idea to come along. Develop Complex Graphics in AI and Photoshop and Design Pages with a Master copy in Fireworks all before exporting the whole enchilada to Dreamweaver or Flex Builder. Then it happened.


      About 2 weeks ago a friend of mine call me up and ask me to make a quick Sqeeze Page for him, it took me about 6 hours from start to finish and I was done. Then that same evening I went back to my Original Project. Tried to load it up. HMMMM not enough memory??? Whats that? I have been working on this file and never had problems before. So stupid me thought Hey I know I will just get in contact with the ADOBE SUPPORT TEAM.  Hello, thats where I purchased this program RIGHT? Chirp Chirp Chirp.


      Gave them a complete description of what I just explained here and I got a response back.  It took them 2 days to respond and the response was " CAN YOU SEND ME A SCREEN SHOT OF THE ERROR" your kidding right. OK, I sent them a screen shot "Not enough memory to open file". Again 2 days later I got another response " Have you checked the Forums for your answers yet?" What is That? Are you kidding me. Has ADOBE gotten so big that they are unwilling to help their customers who spend a boat load of money on their software.


      So Here I am. The proud father of a six month endever to sit around and wait.... After reading some forumns and learnig about all the things ADOBE didn't want to know. After searching and deleting fonts I know get FW "An Internal Error has Occurred" while trying to open the file. I know this happened to me awhile ago when I was still using the Trail Version and I just opened a smaller file first and then opened the file without any problems. So I tried that and the earlier version of my file opened just fine. But when I tried it this time, opening the Latest Version the Final Draft of all my revisions countless hours of modifications I simply get " An Internal Error Has Occurred" Simple yet effective, no other information or debugging information just an "Error"



      This is what I have done so far:


      I have moved/delete and modified the following:


      1. FW Preference file

      2. Restarted my stupid machine to clear memory.

      3. Moved or deleted the Adobe Fonts that where installed.

      4. Even Ran My Vista with 3gigs of memory in a lower performance setting to hopefully resolve this problem.


      What am I missing besides buying a really great software from a Company that doesn't have time for its customers that keep them in BUSINESS. 


      Seriously, I have NEVER purchased a program that I was ot able to fix nor was not able to get the Vendor to fix. New experience for me.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          "3. Moved or deleted the Adobe Fonts that where installed."


          If any of those fonts were used in the file, Fireworks will not be able to open it. If you moved the file to a different location on your hard drive than the one you originally saved it to, Fireworks won't be able to open it.


          Try opening it in Photoshop. If it opens, save a copy as a PSD, The copy won't be editable in Fireworks, but it's better than starting all over again. Note that most Web sites are designed to use three or four different page designs at most. 20 different page designs in one document is, in my opinion, way over the top. If you like, upload a copy of your FW editable file to see if any of the rest of us can open it.

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            Michel Bozgounov Level 2



            For some reason, I believe that the file is too large for Fireworks CS4, so it gives you an error on opening. Yes, I know. This is a bug and a bad one...


            Best would be to open it in Fireworks, and split it in two parts, then re-save as separate PNGs. Then the smaller PNG files will be opening normally.


            Opening the file in Photoshop is not a good idea, because Photoshop opens Fireworks editable PNG files flattened -- this means, it won't be able to process the file correctly no matter what. And surely you do not need a flattened PNG afterwards, with all pages/states lost (and layers, too)...


            The problem is, how to open the file in Fireworks at all, since it gives you an error. I may try to help, but I wonder if you could privately share the file with me? If I am able (at all) to open the file, I will try to split it in two, then send you back the smaller PNGs -- Part 1 and Part 2.


            Please, contact me (my e-mail now should be visible to forum members), if this sounds like a good option to you!

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              Michel Bozgounov Level 2

              PS Of course, as Linda suggested -- would be good if you could share your PNG directly here, and we will see what we can do... perhaps one of us will succeed to help you!

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                Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                PPS The forum shows mails in plain text in profiles (shame on you, Adobe!) so I have hidden my e-mail again, but you may still contact me at:


                100 аt optimiced dоt com



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                  Oldhammer Level 1


                  Thanks for the reply. A few things to note:


                  When I start loading the file a message comes up asking me if I want to keep the missing fonts or change them to another font type. I have tried it both ways, First, to leave the font type and FW will leave the image until I choose to change. Second, FW asks to change to another font type already installed. Either way I get the same result. "error"


                  Thanks Again




                  P.S. I have heard that FW CS3 can possible open the file so we can separate out the Pages. Is that possible?

                  P.S.S. I would like to send this file on an open forum like this one. However, I don't think it a wise idea to openly share any web concept openly (bad business). Any other ideas?

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                    pixlor Level 4

                    Oldhammer wrote:


                    P.S.S. I would like to send this file on an open forum like this one. However, I don't think it a wise idea to openly share any web concept openly (bad business). Any other ideas?


                    Put your .png on a Web site or document file share (I like drop.io, myself) and then send a link to the file in a PM to Linda, Michel, or me. I'm still using CS3, so I could have a go at separating your pages. (That would be new for me, though, as I don't use the pages feature.)


                    Linda is an Adobe Community Professional and Michel and I try to help out when we can. You can look back in the forums for posts by all of us.


                    I've been designing sites for...well...years. I have my own styles and ways of working. I might admire your work, but I won't steal your art. When I want to browse other designers' ideas, there are many great (and guilt-free ) places to go, starting with Smashing Magazine and Design Meltdown:



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                      Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                      "P.S.S. I would like to send this file on an open forum like this one.  However, I don't think it a wise idea to openly share any web concept  openly (bad business). Any other ideas?"


                      I promise that I will only look into the file and see if I can open it at all. If I can, I will try to split it in two, then post it back to you directly. And I promise I will not steal any of your ideas -- you have my word of a Fireworks Guru!

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                        Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                        A couple of notes:


                        1) Adobe Support is not of much use in such cases. Much better would be to try to contact the Fireworks Team via this form:




                        Select "Fireworks" in dropdown menu with products, explain your bug, attach any useful files. In case you need Fw Team to contact you, leave your contact info attached, too.


                        2) About the file in question -- I got it directly from the original poster, finally was able to open it, then fix the issue then re-save it, and then I mailed  it back. Now I just wait for feedback, if problem is solved, indeed. But I hope issue is solved We'll see...

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                          Oldhammer Level 1

                          I will try and open when I get home in a bit. My question of what happened

                          was only one if it was something I did or something i could have prevented

                          from happening. Final question, was the file too big?

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                            Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                            I am not sure if you did something wrong... My knowledge of Fireworks is  not that extended...


                            About the size of the file -- sometimes Fw becomes unstable when dealing  with files with so many pages and objects/symbols inside. It opens on  my side at least a minute... so I guess, this is a big file, in terms of  Fireworks performance. I hope that next version of Fireworks will deal  with such files much better, though!


                            About "prevention" -- not sure, too... I think someone from the Fw Team  could only tell... Perhaps they will, if you allow sharing of the file  with the team



                            Basically, I would recommend to create files with moderate amount of  pages and elements, so that performance of Fireworks remains pretty  good... In case of very large files, splitting them in 2-3 separate PNGs  is a good idea..

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                              Oldhammer Level 1

                              So the Adobe Support forum might be able to help?



                              Let me know.