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    Yet another how do I get excel sheets into a site elegantly?

    phrarod Level 1

      I did a search on the archives. I don't know if there's any more thoughts. I know I could do PDF, or an image file but that's not good for SEO.


      I'm trying to help a friend get inventory lists into his existing old HTML site within the styled pages. An example is 110 rows and 3 columns of info. I want him to be able to edit it via CushyCMS so it should be formatted correctly. Pasting in the HTML body from  the Excel sheet web page export provides a dodgy bit of code. It shows up for the most part but I don't think its reliable.


      I've tried making a table that is the same number of columns and rows and copy/paste from Excel but I get a message that says "clipboard doesn't contain table cells".


      Any advice is very welcome. He doesn't have funds to make a complex database site.