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    Premiere Elements and NAS Drive

    Larry Nuke

      Hi Forum Members,


      Is anyone out there using Premiere Elements and storing their video files on a NAS drive?  I have an Infrant NV (now Netgear) on my home network where I store all my photos and video files in their original format.  I use Photoshop Elements 8 to edit my photo files and all works fine.  I installed Premiere Elements 8 and when I want to edit video it all but stops my computer.  I have 4GB of RAM, Core 2 Quad Processors and 300GB Hard Drive. I'm using CAT 5 cable on a 100MB network.


      I have been working with Adobe Support about this isseue and have uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere Elements 8 twice now.  Today I moved a couple of video files to the computer HD.  When I want to edit them all works fine.  So, it must be some issue with my network or NAS drive and the video.


      Does anyone else have any issues with speed and NAS drive storage of videos?  I don't believe I should need to move my videos to the computer HD to edit them.  Not sure what to try next.


      Continued success,

      Larry Nuke

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I use a 4GB NAS to archive my Assets. Going back some years, I did try to edit to/from and even with a gigabit NIC, there was absolutely no way. The connection is not even close to fast enough for editing. If you can edit to/from your NAS, you are far, far more patient, than I am.


          I Copy over any necessary Assets to my internal SATA II media drive, and edit happily.


          I tried the editing to/from USB externals, and found two major issues. The first was the speed, or at least the lack of it, plus numerous read/write errors, and the dreaded Delayed Write Failure. I gave up on those too. I use these ONLY for archival storage.


          Next, I got FW-400, and had no stability issues, but the speed was just too slow. I was spending too much time waiting.


          Finally, I got FW-800's, and have been happy ever since. We I not so heavily invested in these, I would go with eSATA, and will be adding those with a new workstation.


          Good luck,