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    layer Group with a gradient




      I've been looked at the tutorial of  the illustrator William Chua walks on adobe.com called "Magic  Paintbrush" :



      To draw his  artwork he used some symbols : 1 called "hair" and 1 called "splash".

      When  i study them I realize there's a layer group with some path without  fill and with a stroke inside.

      But there's a gradient affected to  the all fill paths as well. And this gradient is only "connected" or  "active" with the layer group.


      I mean anyway on the canvas you draw a path  (stroke+no fill), a gradient is apply for the "fill" automatically . So  the gradient is always "regular".


      Does anybody know how to do that. Because My  head is on fire now.


      I hope my explanation is clear enough. Anyway you  can find the file at the like above.


      Great thank