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    Scrollbar and Button Problems

      I have found a scrollbar script that works well in my stage. The problem I have is that I have a movie clip that I attach to the main stage that also has a scrollbar in it. Again this works fine. However when I remove the attached movie clip the original scrollbar does not work anymore. I can't figure out why and I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction.

      The other problem that I have is making sure the button behind the attached movie do not work, which I have currently achieved by including a large blank button in the moview clip which blocks out thw whole stage. But this turns the cursor into the "button" cursor across the whole stage, which I do not want.

      I would really appreciate any help with either of these problems.

      My file can be found here: Deposit files
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          I've been having similar issue. Looking at the depths helped me a bit, but then I found a new problem. I think - I'm not entirely sure - that sprites can get in the way of scrolling content, certainly images, and images in a scrollpane can stop other elements functioning, like buttons under the not visible part of an image. Are you using AS 2.0 or AS 3.0? There seem to be bugs with ScollPanes and SCrolllBars in AS 3.0