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    2 After Effects Problems Please Help!


      Hello, I am creating a typography video and have some problem with aftereffects.
      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
      Before I describe my problems I will list my system specs.


      Intel Core i7 930
      8GB RAM
      XSF Radeon HD 5770 (1GB)
      1TB hardrive
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
      Aftereffects CS4


      My fist problem is with the preview. Yesterday if I wanted to do a RAM preview I just clicked the button and IT would render the whole selection and preview it.. but then when I clicked it again.. it just renders about 2 seconds of the video and then stops (like if it ran out of RAM but I doubt that because I have 8GB installed...) Why is this happening and is there a way to fix it?


      My second problem is with key frames. This one is very weird and therefore, hard to explain. It happens when I copy and paste a key frame so it will stay the same thought, say 2 sedconds.. The values of both keyframes is the same (eg Position 6,2,3 Position 6,2,3) so the text should not move..however, the text does move and it appears that there are key frames in the middle but there are not. The values start at 6,2,3 and then change to something else and then end at 6,2,3... This is very weird.. because there are only 2 key frames and somehow the data changes in between them.? Is there an option to fix this?


      Please help me.. If you don't understand one of my problems I will be happy to elaborate more
      I need help because this project is due soon and the preview thing is very annoying!

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          (1) Remember AE can only use 4 GB of RAM to build RAM previews, due to the limitations of 32bit applications.  The soon-to-be-launched AE CS5 will be able to directly address much more RAM.  Try purging your RAM occasionally from the Edit menu.  You may need to turn off multi-processing during the design stage, or checking you haven't allocated too much RAM to other applications. Try to limit the other applications running at the same time as AE.


          (2) You need to change spatial interpolation to Linear.  Select the problem keyframes and choose Animation/Keyframe Interpolation, then set Spatial Interpolation to Linear.


          Screen shot 2010-04-05 at 11.16.10 AM.png


          In AE Preferences you can set the default spatial interpolation to always be linear, if this is a continuing issue for you.

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            gaminglagoongo123 Level 1

            Hello Thanks for your helpful reply


            1) When I purged my RAM my preview lenth (2 seconds) stayed the same. When I turned off multi-processing my preview lenth doubled (4 seconds). I have it set to 7.5 GB for AE and .5 for other applications.. Also I only have firefox running at the same time, and even without firefox my preview lenth stays the same. Yesterday and other days I was able to preview any video succesffly.. not just 3 seconds of it so I dont know why I can only preview 4? Any more suggestions? This preview thing is keeping me from working on a project because since it is a typography the letters have to match the audio so I have preview the video frequently so make sure everything is right.


            2) I changed the spatial interpolation to linear and this solved my problem. Thank you very much



            Any other suggestions for my first problem.. It started yesterday and before that everything worked fine..

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8
              > I have it set to 7.5 GB for AE and .5 for other applications


              Don't do that. Read this.


              Regarding the length of your RAM previews, read this.

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                yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                You can also lower the RAM preview resolution to Quarter or even lower if you're working at very high resolution.


                Hope that helps,