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    Won't display simplified Chinese


      I just checked out an ebook written in simplified Chinese from an online library . The ADE displayed the title and the table of content correctly on the left pane, but the content of the book displayed on the right pane were not - just a bunch of special characters. Do I need to download a language pack to make it work? What do I need to do?  This is the first time I use th Adobe Digital Editions so I really don't know much about it.

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          I have the same problem. I got the book Niubi: The real Chinese you were never taught in School, by Eveline Chao. The Chinese caracteres doesn't appear, the Latin letters with diacrits also not. I noted that Adobe Digital Editions, doesn't have a proper place to fonts, in this case Unicode, would be apreciated. How can I solve the problem? Without this, there isn't any sense to have a software and a book which you can't read properly.

          At Adobe PDF, when you open a book like this one, immediately the PDF upload a plugin for that specific language.  I also would like an aswer about this problem with Digital Editions. Thanks.