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    Spry Menu no longer "drops down"- submenu stays visible


      I had my drop down menus working this morning but did not like the menu item backgrounds I had chosen (for roll-over, etc...)so I went into the css and changed the colors all to one. I also must have done something else unawaredly because now my submenus show as dropped downand all menu bar  items are wrapped to the next line. No matter what I do the sprymenu css does not change.

      Here is the link to the page with the menu issues:



      If anyone would be so kind as to help this novice with this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          First, don't have that menu CSS in the head of your page. It will counteract the CSS that applies to that condition that is in the CSS menubar stylesheet.


          Then, Go carefully through a comparison of how you have changed the CSS menubar stylesheet. You have removed a left: -1000em; that hides the submenus offscreen until they are called back on via javascript changing the class when the menu is in action.