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    FB3 plug-in install into Eclipse 3.3 does not install editors

      I just decided to upgrade to Eclipse 3.2 as it has been suggested in the forums that could improve stability on Windows Vista.

      I installed Eclipse 3.3, then ran the FB3 Beta1 install to install into the new eclipse installation. Install completed successfully but after opening eclipse I got errors when it attempted to load the editor for open source files. It basically said that com.adobe.flexbuilder.editors.derived.something could not be loaded or something like that.

      I thought maybe it was because I had not unistalled the FB3 plug-in first so I uninstalled it, unzipped a fresh copy of eclipse 3.3 and then installed the FB3 plug-in again. Same problem.

      On inspecting the plugins folder of my eclipse installation, I noticed that the com.adobe.flexbuilder.editors.derived_3.0_172437.jar file was not unpaced, as the other editors (mxml, actionscript, etc) were. So I unzipped the JAR to com.adobe.flexbuilder.editors.derived_3.0_172437 and started Eclipse and this seems to have fixed the problem.
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          dnbonnell Level 1
          On further investigation this does not seem to be an installation problem but rather an Eclipse permission issue. The JAR file is installed and I believe the expected behavior is that Eclipse automatically unpacks ("activates") it when it is first required. I noticed permission denied errors in the Eclipse log relating to bundle activation failure. I saw the same problem for the Java editor (org.eclipse.jdt.ui).

          I'm not sure why Eclipse is unable to activate the bundles however. As far as I can tell everything in the workspace and eclipse folders is owned by me and I have run a "takeown /f /r" on both to make sure but it still fails. I vaguely remember the same problems when I originally installed Eclipse 3.2 on Vista.

          Some of the Eclipse folders did not have u+w permission however but even though those folders (and their parents) were owned by me I could not chmod them unless the command shell was "Run as Administrator", which is odd.

          Anyway, after taking care of the permissions on those folders all now appears to be well.