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    Premiere 8.0 hasn't worked right since new


      I bought a new HP desktop computer and Photoshop and Premiere 8 for Christmas. Also a new Canon HD camcorder. The main purpose of editing video's and burning to dvd. I got the top of the line HP e9280t with Win 7,  I7 processor, 8 gig of DDR3, ATI Readeon HD 4850. I paid alot for a new computer so everything would be fast and smooth. New computer, new software, new camera, what could go wrong. I just started recording my sons lacrosse games and when I up load the video, every thing is slow and frequently freezes. The preview window while trying to edit just skips and freezes and is unusable. I could burn the unedited video to a dvd though. This would take about 3 hours to burn about an hour video.  I just updated the video card driver and now when I tried to burn a video 3 times and it would never finish. 2 times my comouter got a blue screen the other time it just restarted. I have had no other problem with this computer except when using Premiere. Please help.




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          Welcome to the forum.


          I believe that you have Premiere Elements 8, as there has never been a Premiere 8 - it ended with Pr 7.0, which was also listed as PrPro 1.0. This is the FORUM, that you need to post to, unless the MOD's here will move it for you.


          Now, you will need to provide a lot more info, regarding three things:


          1.) your full system specs., especially your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, with all details on these.

          2.) your Project Preset, when you choose New Project. This MUST match #3 100%, or you will have issues.

          3.) your source footage, i.e. the full specs. of the file, the camera mfgr. and model. If you do not know the full specs. of the files created by that camera, you can use the great, free utility, G-SPOT to get the full details. These are necessary for #2 above.


          Also, PrE 8 has an update, PrE 8.0.1. You will want to install that.


          Good luck, and see you in the PrElements forum,




          PS - as the Adobe fora are open, you might not want to post your e-dress, as there are 'bots, that crawl the fora, just looking for such private info.

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            I see that the wonderful MOD's have moved this to the proper forum - thank you!


            Now, other PrE 8 users can likely come up with some more ideas.


            Good luck,