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    Unknown Object Type Tag???


      I'm working on an AS3/CFC project and am trying to pass an Indexed Array to a CFC Component. Here is the array being sent to my NetConnection instance:

      var array:Array = new Array();
      array[0] = "First";
      array[1] = "Second";
      array[2] = "Third";

      cfc.call("cfc.saveData.addItems", responder, array);

      and my Responder instance runs the fail function and I trace this error:

      err.type =
      err.description = Unknown object type tag (17)
      err.level = error
      err.details =
      err.code = Client.Message.Encoding

      I've narrowed the problem down to array's and objects, because when I change the type of the argument to number, boolean or anything else it works fine..

      Here is the really simple CFC:

      <cffunction name="addItems" access="remote" returntype="boolean" output="yes">

      <cfargument name="itemArray" type="array" required="true">
      <cfreturn true>


      Any ideas?? This error has been driving me crazy for the past two days, and I can't find any documentation....