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    Having major connection problems lately


      Hi everyone.


      I've been having some serious connection problems lately. It just started all of the sudden and I'm hoping someone may have had and successfully troubleshot the issue.


      Recently, I can't stay connected to the FTP server. I'm constantly getting messages like these:


      "The connection to the remote host has been lost. Click refresh to reconnect."


      "An FTP error occurred - cannot get remote folder information. Dreamweaver encountered an internal data error. Please try the operation again."

      It connects sometimes. It successfully uploads files sometimes, but rarely. What's really odd is that I am looking at the remote files in DW... it's typically only when I try a PUT operation that the errors pop up. Also, it successfully DELETES the remote version of the file that's being uploaded, then errors on the upload, so it is DELETING files from the server and then not replacing them with the updated version.

      Very odd.

      I can connect via a browser just fine, and the web host said they had no trouble connecting either.  Has anyone seen this before? It just started out of no where.

      Oh, and I have set exceptions for DW in the firewall, so that shouldn't be the issue.  Sometimes, when I've power-cycled my router it works for a bit, then stops again.  Could it be in the router?? I mean, I'm always connected to the net, it's just these FTP operations that are not working.

      Any insight is appreciated.