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    CSS in editable region


      I have created a website using one of the DW site designs. I have created a master.dwt and it is complete with an editable region. What I am having difficulty with is that CSS from the master.dwt is controlling the content in the ER that I am trying to put on subsequent pages using the master. How do I clear all CSS from the ER so that I can create new rules to define the ER.



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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          Can you supply an online link to all your pages, including your dwt? I don't want to try to guess at the answer to your question.



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              I'm not sure what you mean about CSS controlling content that you put in your MainContent div on your child pages, because there is no #mainContent div on your Template. I would go in to the Template and move the beginning and ending tags for the #mainContent div to just outside the editable area. As it is now, the editable content area on your child pages starts out in no-man's land.


              I also recommend moving all your CSS rules to an external, linked stylesheet, too, and then you won't have all that extra code in every single page and it will be controllable in one stylesheet.


              I notice that you have content styled like this:

              <h2 align="left" class="MainContent">

              Why not make a style like this:

              #mainContent h2 {text-align: left;}

              and then every h2 that you put in your #mainContent div will be aligned left, and all you have to have in your markup is this:


              I see that you have both a class and an ID with similar names. This is a confusing idea. Better to make descendant style rules like the above, if you want to 'pinpoint' style things.


              If you can explain your frustration a bit more, perhaps I can be of better help.