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    Sound from External swf

      I have a main movie (index.swf) that preloads my external SWF that is a menu button 4.swf
      My index.swf has background music (song1) that plays on load. I also have background music (song2) that plays on my 4.swf
      It works fine when I test 4.swf directly however when I load my main index.swf I do not hear the song2.
      I used stopAllSounds(); in my4.swf to stop the background music (song1) and then load my song2


      my_sound = new Sound(sound_loop);

      This has gotten me to get both songs to play when the site is loaded and when I click on my menu for 4 button all the sound stops and my song2 never plays.
      My actionscript is not very good so any details you can give would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks much!