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    .net webservices and flex


      Hi Guys/Gals,


      I am working on a project with flex as the front end which communicates to .net web services for the data needed.


      I am writing the .net web services and returning the result as XML. As it is XML and the structure is mainly element based rather than attribute based, bandwidth is a consideration. there will be a bunch of web services accessed at a time. The response has to be super swift considering the criticality of the project. I would like to know is there any way where I can compress the data in .net web service and decompress it in flex before using it.


      I tried GZip but found from some forums that GZip is not supported in flex.


      there was a suggestion to use WSCompression in WSE 3.0. But dont have enough information on that. Will be thank ful if somebody can provide some links or refer some books from where I can pick these topics.



      Thanks in advance.