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    Hover in navigation works, until I make a file from a template. Using DWCS3.

    Kristy Ewing

      Am working on a site that has a navigation bar with hover buttons. It works fine as long as I don't try to recreate pages from a template. At this point I'm ready to ditch any attempt at making a template. However, it would be so cool if someone can tell me why it fall apart when I use template - the rest of the css works fine, just not the script for the nav bar. The resulting template files wants to assign a long computer directory path to the images in the nav bar. Then (and this is voodoo, really!) images appear sometimes in the nav bar, other times they're just gone (me's thinks it's buggy).


      I inherited this site to finish - long story. I've was given a few aspx files which I brought into Dreamweaver and am converting to html. I didn't set up the hover script for the navigation area, so am stumped.


      Here's a link to the site: http://www.ewingcreative.com/secure/redirect.cgi  It's a secure login, so username:laurel, password:hardy.


      Thank you for any time you're willing to spend on this!