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    Any way to export full-res video for Sony PSP from AE??

    timoteo1 Level 1

      I have tried to do it manually many times from within AE, but the files are never readable by the Sony PSP.  I have used both the render que and the EXPORT function to try and create a compatible MP4.  The only one that works is to use the Render Que, choosing "H.264", and then selecting the "Sony PSP Widescreen High Quality" preset.


      HOWEVER, it forces you to resize the footage to 368 x 208 with the Stretch option in the output module, thus reducing the resolution from the native 480x272.  The PSP has not used (or required use of) this lower resolution for several generations now (i.e. many years).  I can not for the life of me find a combination that creates a compatible MP4 ... or to workaround the presets requirement of using the stretch to 368x208.


      Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this task?  (I know there are quite a few PSP video converter shareware apps floating around out there, but I'm trying to avoid the step of rendering out of AE to an intermidiary file and then converting.)


      TIA for any help!