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    How to add a new column to existing item of an arraycollection?

    megharajdeepak Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've an arraycollection, acLeaseContract, which has this structure:




      these are the columns and their respective data that i receive from backend system. Now, I would like to add 2 more columns, after TenantName.


      I can loop through this arraycollection, create a object, add all those columns again to the new object and also add the new columns that i wish to add, and finally add this object to the arraycollection.




           var o:Object = new Object();

           o.ContNo =acLeaseContract[i].ContNo;

           o.ContType = acLeaseContract[i].ContType ;

           o.EndDt = acLeaseContract[i].EndDt ;





           o.TenantName =acLeaseContract[i].TenantName ;







      But I feel this is very tedious and time consuming, as we are re constructing the entire arraycollection again, just to add a couple of more columns.


      Is there a smart way to update the arraycollection with new entries, if yes can you pls tell me how can this be achieved?


      Thanks for you help....