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    Simple Shockwave Moves?!

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      Morning folks!

      So, I've been using Director for quite a number of years but as yet haven't
      had any experience with Shockwave 3D... Well, that time has now arrived; and
      boy am I confused!?

      I purchased Chrome Lib 4.0 in the hope that a lot of what I need to achieve
      would be very much drag and drop - to a degree it is, but...

      I've used the open/close behaviour on a number of occasions - and although I
      make elements of my model rotate on pivot points, I can't make them move
      along either the x, y, z axes. Should this be straight forward? In that I
      click on [for example] a drawer, and then the drawer opens along the y axis.

      Also, when clicking on the above elements I'd like the camera to move from a
      wide shot to a tighter one - these cameras have been set-up in the original
      Max file, but I can smoothly make Director move from one camera position to
      another when clicking on the models elements?

      I know I may be asking a fair amount from the above - but it would be hugely
      appreciated if anyone could point me in the right direction!

      Many thanks in advance, Mark B ;-)